Housing Our Veterans

Your Support

Housing Our Veterans receives funding through Measure 110, that allows it to not only recover from the pandemic, but expand its services to provide 24-hour response, weekly assessments for incoming clients, additional networking resources and most importantly, new properties to house more veterans on the road to recovery. The founding story of Housing Our Veterans, shines a light toward resilience and recovery. Read the full story here.

With your help, Housing Our Veterans can do so much more…

HOV is a Non Profit 501c3. Our ability to help our Veterans with their new life changing journey depends a lot on our donations. Donations are used in a variety of ways,  the continuous need of providing everyday essentials, housing goods, bedding, mattresses, home repairs, washers and dryers, etc. As HOV continues to provide new housing for our community, the cost of opening and furnishing each property is a huge expense. Every donation plays such a big  part in making our Veterans dreams a reality.

All donations are tax deductible.