Housing Our Veterans

The road to recovery

Our mission is to empower Veterans of Lane County by providing assistance with transitional housing, gainful employment, peer support, mental health counseling, financial counseling, education on benefits and services available, as well as participation in a recovery program from substance abuse. We treat everyone with respect and dignity as they go through their new journey. Our goal is to have each client assessed, interviewed, and placed within 48 hours. If HOV isn’t the right solution for a client, we will help connect them with the organization that is. See our full list of resources for more info.

Below are the basic steps we take Veterans through when they start their road to recovery.

This is not a one size fits all, and is not for everyone. Attending meetings, having sponsorship/mentoring, and identifying with your feelings is very important in recovery.

Step 1

Assessment + History: We learn about their drug, family, medical and educational history as well as how they self-identify, leisure activities, race/culture/spirituality, military and employment history. We assess patient’s needs, obstacles and liabilities, as well as their strengths, assets, resources, and support structure to determine appropriate level of care and what approach best fits their needs. 

They may not be ready for transitional housing and may need inpatient care. At this time that will be determined. If HOV isn’t the right solution for them, we will connect them with the organization that is.

Execute a Plan: One-on-ones are done immediately to set goals and determine what services are needed to achieve them. If their decision is to come into our transitional housing, we will provide all the necessities including fully furnished housing, laundry on site, wifi, cable, computers and more. Veterans also receive what is known as a wellness toolbox, to help in identifying triggers, anger, stress, trauma, etc.
Step 2
Step 3
30 Day Guided Tour: For the first 30 days we work closely with each participant, to help guide them in the right direction in providing the care and services they need to help overcome their barriers. DD214, ID’S, S.S. Cards and  Birth certificates. HOV will be working closely with several partnering  agencies that are listed on our resource page to provide the services needed.
Transition: After the 30 days, many barriers have been addressed and conquered. We work with Veterans on job searches, schooling, training, VA benefits, along with enrollment to DEV NW to help with bad credit, debt, budgeting, rebuilding credit, student loan debt, and including home buying and so much more.
Step 4
Step 5
Permanent Housing: With all of the resources and plans in place, now we work on their future goals of obtaining permanent housing in the near future!