Housing Our Veterans

Team Navigators

The staff at Housing Our Veterans each have an area they focus on to provide the best service to our community. Lorie oversees everyday operations and works very close with Sherice and Travis with their daily tasks. Sherice puts together our agendas, takes care of all financials, makes our appointments, tracking our data for 110 residents and  comes up with innovative ways to improve HOV in staying connected to our community. 
Travis interviews our new residents, does daily one on ones to assure each resident is receiving the necessary guidance to fulfill their task needed to successfully complete all of their barriers. He works with our residents’ case workers, keeps up all of our property maintenance, helps our residents move in and out, picks up donations of furnishings and many other items, upgrades the homes, cleans the properties and much much more. 
We work together as a team on a daily basis to make all of this happen. It would not be possible without each of our inputs.
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Lorie Perkins

Lorie Perkins is Executive and founder of Housing Our Veterans. She has over 16 years of housing specialist experience, overseeing all day-to-day operations, navigating individuals through their new journey of recovery, providing transitional housing, peer support, counseling and recovery classes. Our team works together strategically to put a plan together to help each Veteran navigate through the barriers they are facing. There are many reasons our Veterans struggle with everyday tasks and Lorie believes having a stable place to live is key.

Lorie previously owned a housekeeping business, has worked in the home decorating field, staging of real estate, in home health care, accounting and inventory for a large firm. Lorie could not be doing anything more rewarding than helping our Veterans and community.

Lorie’s highlight of her life, is spending time with her grandkids and family doing projects, family outings, gardening, and home decorating, Bible studies and attending Church.

Email Lorie at: lorie@housingourveterans.com

Sherice Yakis

Sherice Yakis is an Operations Manager who specializes in day to day operations such as setting up housing interviews with potential tenants which are completed by Husband and business partner, Travis Yakis. Sherice also deals with finances such as budgeting for the housing expenses of all 12 houses and keeping digital and hard copy records for all tenants. Sherice believes that helping in the community and helping veterans can truly make a difference in someone’s life. Sherice has worked in customer service, banking and retail but Sherice truly couldn’t have found a more rewarding place to work then Housing Our Veterans. Currently Sherice is working towards taking on more tasks to help the business continue to run as seamlessly as possible and help lessen the workload for her Mother and the Owner, Lorie Perkins. Sherice has a Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology. When Sherice Yakis is not in the office she can be found enjoying time with her children, loving Husband and Best friend (AKA) mother. Sherice also enjoys being involved with her local Church, The Fathers House.

Email Sherice at: sherice@housingourveterans.com


Travis Yakis

Travis Yakis is a Program Director for Housing Our Veterans.

You can find Travis working hands on with a lot of veterans to solve problems in their life, taking interview with new veterans, Maintaining the Property’s and keeping them accountable.
Travis believes that when you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose anything is possible.
He has mentioned how proud of he is of how many veterans that he helps that are getting into their own place and now are moving forward in their lives.
Outside of work, Travis enjoys fishing, riding quads, and camping. He also loves spending time with his two kids and beautiful wife. 

Email Travis at: travis@housingourveterans.com