Housing Our Veterans
Housing Our Veterans

Working with veterans who want to invest in themselves again

On the road
to recovery

Housing Our Veterans, a nonprofit in Eugene, works with men and women who have served in the military and want to invest again in themselves, their families, and their community. Often building from the ground up, the veterans who live in the houses managed by Housing Our Veterans are establishing stable homes, maintaining jobs, and accessing community resources. These veterans are processing past trauma from war, along with loss from the pandemic, while facing a future filled with challenge and potential. Their journeys, and the founding story of Housing Our Veterans, exemplify some of the many ways families, neighbors, organizations and businesses in our communities are living through a time of recovery.

Housing options

In 2020 Housing Our Veterans included eleven houses where 67 veterans lived while working to rebuild their lives. This year, Housing Our Veterans received funding that will allow us to expand our services to provide 24-hour response, weekly assessments for incoming clients, additional networking resources and most importantly, new properties to house more veterans on the road to recovery.
Welcome to Housing Our Veterans - Since 2005

Our Roadmap

After taking a Financial Foundations class in 2005 from DevNW, co-founders Abie and Lorie Perkins learned how to budget, save, and use credit as a business tool in order to pursue Lorie’s long-time dream of starting a recovery house. Through Lorie’s determination and Abie’s full support, Housing Our Veterans became an important community resource with eleven houses, where nearly 70 veterans lived in early 2020.